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Who We Serve

At Partners Wealth Management, we understand that every client's needs are unique. To help you make the best possible decisions to grow, protect, and distribute your wealth, our goal is to build a lifelong relationship that gives us the knowledge, understanding, and personal insight to help you make the right decisions for you.

To support this level of relationship-based service, we work with a limited group of affluent individuals and multi-generational families who typically have investable assets of more than $1 million. Our clients reside all over the United States and in many countries around the world, and we have a reputation for making clients 2,500 miles away feel as close as those who live just around the corner.

Our typical client is someone of affluence looking to integrate all aspects of their wealth to help secure their future and that of those they love. They may be worried about protecting their wealth from liability, concerned about how to pass on their wealth to their children and grandchildren while minimizing estate taxes, uncertain on how to invest their wealth strategically for the future, unhappy with a broker that works on commissions, or uneasy about the succession plan for their business. While we don't restrict our clientele, the majority of our clients and are among the following:

Owners of Closely Held Businesses

If you own a business, you know all too well that juggling your business and personal matters take up more than 100% of your time and focus, giving you little time to actively manage your finances. Our team at Partners Wealth Management can help, serving as your personal CFO to assist with all aspects of your finances, including income maximization, group benefits planning, tax reduction, cash flow planning, estate planning, and long-term wealth planning for both your business and family assets. Our team offers the comprehensive financial planning services you need to allow you to manage your business effectively without the added burden of personally managing your business and personal finances.

Senior Executives
As a senior executive, it's unlikely that you have the time or desire to manage your own finances. As your trusted advisors, our team can help you manage your financial assets, including building and managing a wealth management plan designed to maximize capital, reduce taxes, establish charitable giving planning, and preserve wealth for future generations. From individual stock option planning to overall wealth management, we deliver the comprehensive services to take the day-to-day management of personal finance off your plate, freeing your time to focus on your career.

For those looking at retirement distribution strategies to create income in retirement or are within five to ten years from retirement and want to determine if they are on the right track, our team provides in-depth financial planning and retirement income planning. We help protect and grow assets in an effort to outpace inflation and ensure you have sufficient assets to maintain your lifestyle and fulfill your retirement dreams. We'll assist with cash flow planning, continuous review of assets, life insurance analysis, and retirement distribution strategies to help you make decisions that ensure peace of mind throughout your retirement years.

Multi-generational Families
We provide coordinated financial and investment planning among different family members and multiple generations to help ensure maximum retention of family assets. Utilizing trusts, charitable foundations, and family investment companies, we'll help you develop long-term strategies for multi-generational wealth. By integrating all family members into the process, we help plan and protect wealth for current and future generations.

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